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A home inspection in Kissimmee, FL is one of the first steps you need to take if  you are looking to buy or sell your property. A thorough home inspection in Kissimmee, FL includes every inch of the property and its premises.

A usual home inspection in Kissimmee, FL requires scrutinizing the exteriors like the paths, driveways, carport, of the home. And interiors of the construction like the condition and age of the roofs, walls, the building, the durability of the building materials, wiring, plumbing and everything that includes the interiors of the structure.

The purpose of the inspection is to spy any existing or impending dangers or faults in the property that may shorten the life of the property. Even, the sellers are benefitted by a home inspection in Kissimmee, FL as a good inspection report can help them to sell the property at the desired price.

Best Home Inspector Kissimmee FL

It is not an easy job to find the best home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL. If you are wondering what makes a best home inspector then let us break it down for you.

We always say that we have the best home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL because our inspectors are seasoned professionals who are skilled in examining various types of structures. They have licenses to conduct the inspections and are completely approachable.

Our home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL take time to investigate thoroughly and explain the technical margins so that you can know what is going on. The investigation ends with a detailed report in your hands.

Our Core Services

Wind Mitigation

Our home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL are skilled at determining the strength of homes in the events of whirlwind, cyclones, and/or hurricanes

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4 Point Inspection

The home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL conduct a foolproof 4-point inspection. It consists of checking the : roof, wiring, plumbing, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, AC).

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Tie Down Inspection

A tie-down home inspection in the state of FL is needed for mobile homes to check if they are secured or tied during storms. Our home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL ensure the tie downs or anchors meet FHA and HUD regulations.

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Roof Inspection

The home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL test if the roofs are secure and try to find the signs of damage from age or exposure to natural elements.

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Pool Inspection

The home inspection in Kissimmee, FL includes the examination of all pool equipment and their functioning.

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Residential Inspection

The home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL scan and investigate both the outer and inner of the construction of the structure with rapt attention.

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Commercial Inspection

The commercial inspections are done on non-residential, public buildings. The inspection includes checking the inner and outer structure, the garage, the carport, and rainwater runoffs, and more, followed by a report.

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Home Insurance Inspections

The home inspectors in Kissimmee, FL will conduct a 4-point inspection to aid in getting home insurance.

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Mobile Home Inspections

Our home inspectors in Kissimmee in FL provide mobile home inspection for the manufactured or the readymade portable homes.

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We are aware of the most common issues found during the home inspections and we definitely look for them. The most common ones are :

Water damage,  faulty cables, clogged drains, poor roof construction and/or maintenance. We make a point to mention them in the reports too.

Our inspectors pay utmost attention to small details like the back of the attics, walkability of the roofs, the strapping of the  mobile homes (during wind storms) to give you the best service possible.

InterNACHI is the world’s most popular association for home inspectors. They offer free training, online testing certification, and much more. The InterNACHI certification tells that the association has cleared their online tests and can offer their services to the clients

The reports handed over by our inspectors are easy to follow. The information is communicated in lucid language without any jargon

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